Supportive STD Checks

Improve your knowledge of sexual health with Broadgate STD Clinic. Call our clinic in London, EC2, for a confidential STD check delivered by healthcare professionals.


Comprehensive Testing

Book an appointment or drop in to our clinic for an STD check delivered by friendly and discreet personnel. Everything discussed during your check is confidential. You’ll be in the care of trained medical staff so there is no need to feel embarrassed.

We’ll run a series of tests to fit with your circumstances. A lab test takes up to three days to process for thorough checks. If you do need treatment we’ll sort that for you. Our staff are happy to provide answers for any questions you might have.

You’ll be tested and treated by a doctor, who’ll ask you a series of questions. This is to calibrate what test is most suitable for you. But if you want to be tested for everything, we are more than happy to accommodate this.

Blood Work - STD Check

Contact Broadgate STD Clinic for a confidential STD check that comes with expert knowledge and advice.