Essential Knowledge of STD Symptoms

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STD Basics

Learn some essential information about STDs. Sexual Transmitted Diseases are infections and diseases usually acquired through sexual contact. They can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, especially in teenagers and adolescents. Often the negative connotations prevents individuals from visiting their local GUM clinic or GP.

We often presume that STDs go hand in hand with promiscuity but the reality is that anyone can contract an STD. Most of the diseases can be treated quickly with minimal side effects. It is those who fail to attend check-ups after having unprotected sex that suffer with long term issues.

Nurses - STD Symptoms

Not all STDs present symptoms. This leads individuals who have not had safe sex, to think they have no disease. Symptomless infections develop and create more complicated long term problems if not treated. Infertility is often a distinct possibility.

STD's may be contracted by a virgin who has sex for the first time with someone who is unknowingly carrying an infection. Social perceptions often leave people reluctant to get tested. It is wise to get checked regularly for improved peace of mind.

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea are the most common infections and are checked for with a urine test. Both are sometimes symptomless but may cause infertility if gone unchecked. Syphilis and HIV are two STD's that have a more profound impact upon on your health. A blood sample is required to asses if you have these.
Herpes is not a disease that is easily tested for without symptoms. If you do have herpes then it is impossible to remove. However, the infection tends to remain dormant, and only requires attention when an individual exhibits sores and dry itchy skin. Swabs are taken and analysed to test for this.

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