Thorough STD Treatment

Doctor - STD Treatment

Getting tested is not as inconvenient as you might think. Ring our staff in London, EC2, for an STD treatment provided by a GP.

Getting Tested

Drop in to our comfortable clinic for a private and confidential test. Not even your GP will know. You can book an appointment or turn up on the day. Our healthcare workers are professionals who deal with sexual organs as part of their job. So, there is no need to be embarrassed.
We run a comprehensive STD test and when the results come back we’ll treat you, if need be. On-site tests take 20 minutes. Our staff also advise on use of contraception.

All tests and treatments are provided by a doctor. You’ll be required to answer some questions. The answers influence what diseases we look for, but generally speaking it is worth getting tested for everything.

We might ask you:
• When was the last time you had sex
• If you have any symptoms
• Whether you have participated in
  unprotected sex
• Whether you think you have an infection

Thorough Testing

Book a consultant who’ll refer you and help with any further treatments .We offer sexual health testing for a wide number of diseases. You may be tested on your own or with a partner. Our staff process the results quickly and efficiently. The main disorders we check for are:

• Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Crabs
• Pubic lice, Genital warts
• Human papillomavirus
• Pelvic inflammatory disease
• Syphilis
• Thrush
• Non-specific urethritis
• Vaginitis Bacterial vaginosis
• Trichomonas 
• Gardnerella
• Mycoplasma
• Fungal & Bacterial infections
• Hepatitis B,  Hepatitis C
• Herpes
• HIV 
• Molluscum contagiosum
• Ureaplasma
• Urethritis


Contact Broadgate STD Clinic for thorough STD treatments that keep you and your partner safe.